Satin Ribbon Flower


1. Satin Ribbons 2. Scissors 3. Glue 4. Color sheets 5. Thread & needle 6. Pencil 7. Ruler 8. Rubber Band 9. Decorative Stones



Step 1
1. Take two color ribbons green and yellow and cut pieces of green color in 9 cm and yellow color in 6 cm.

2. Fold the ribbon as shown in the steps of images to make the petals and fix the yellow petals inside the green ones and paste them using a foam sheet circular base.

3. Now similarly cut blue and purple color ribbon pieces measuring 9 cm & 5 cm long and make petals as shown in the steps of the image and arrange and paste them in the flower on the base.

4. At the end cut ribbon pieces measuring 2.5 cm and make petals with it.

5. Sew the petals to make a flower and paste it in the center. For the extra decoration sew a pearl in the petals of the central flower and decorate with stones.

6. Finally, take a Hair Bow and paste it to the base of the Flower using Glue.

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