Shark Paper Tube Craft


1.Blue color sheet 2.Cardboard tube 3.Scissors 4.Glue 5.Stapler 6.Plate for tracing 7.Black paint 8.Small paintbrush 9.Wiggly eyes



Step 1
1. First cut a piece of blue sheet paper of about 4 1/4" X 6". This will form the body of the shark. Cut out fin and tail shapes making sure to include a flap for gluing. Next, cut out a large circle by plate at about 7" in diameter, cut the circle in half, you only need one-half which will become the tail end of the shark.

2. Wrap the paper around the tube and slide the tube out halfway, staple the paper closed making sure not to staple the paper to the tube. On the opposite end of the staple cut a triangle shaped, mouth.

3. Next, we'll make the cone. Grasp the corners of the half circle and bring them together in the middle, the center will become the point. Continue to shape your cone so that it will fit into the tube, staple it closed. Cut a slit into the point of the cone and slide the tail shape in, add glue to keep it in place.

4. Cut the cardboard tube in half and insert the back into the body of the shark and staple together. The tube is a great support and helps to keep the cylindrical shape.

5. Cut a 1/2" X 11" strip of white paper then cut little triangular teeth along the side, cut the strip to size and glue it to the inside of the mouth. Next, glue the arm fins to a paper circle cutout and then the circle to the belly of the shark. Glue on the back fin and the cone tail.

6. Glue the wiggle eyes and add painted on gills if you wish. Finally, add some glitter as a finishing touch.

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