Shoebox Train


1. 3 Shoe-boxes, 4 shoe-boxes lids. 2.Cardboard tube 3.Cello tape 4.Different color sheets 5.Glue 6.Scissors



Step 1
1. Take the lids from two of the shoe-boxes and cut them as shown in the figure. The kids probably won’t be able to cut the windows, so you’ll have to help them out. Make sure the pieces mirror each other since they will be going on opposite sides of the train.
2. Tape the lids inside of one of the shoeboxes.
3. Take two more shoebox lids and cut off all of the sides.
4. Curve the lid pieces and tape them onto the shoe-box as shown.
5. Tape a cardboard tube onto the front to make the smokestack.
6. Glue pieces of construction paper all over the train. Roll a piece of construction paper into a cone to put on top of the smokestack.
7. Cut circles out of black construction paper and glue them on as the train wheels. Poke small holes in the sides of the boxes and thread some pieces of string or rope through them. Tie knots in the ends to keep them from slipping back through. Put a string or rope on the front too, so that the kids can pull it.

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