Silk Thread Bangles


On this auspicious occasion, one of our reader Radhika shared her making process of “Handmade tricolor silk thread bangles” with Eehibu and have shared how she made her special appearance with self-made tricolor bangles..
1. Silk Threads (white, green, orange) 2. Fabric Glue 3. Scissors 4. Beads 5. Stone Chain 6. Base plastic bangles



Step 1
1.Take one of the silk thread from the above-said colors and roll it around the cardboard. You may need 30 or 40 rounds of thread to complete a single bangle.

2.Use glue to stick the initial and final ends of thread and let it dry for several minutes.

3.Cut the thread exactly at the point where you applied the glue.

4.Now apply glue inside the bangle and stick on the firm end and wrap the silk thread around the bangle.

5.Repeat the process until you wrap the entire bangle in the thread.

6.To decorate it take some beads/ kundans and stick them around the bangle and apply a stone chain to decorate either side of the bangle according to your choice design.

7.Finally, beautiful Silk Thread Bangle is ready!

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