Storage Basket with CDs


1.Fabric 2.Old CDs 3.Cotton 4.Ribbon 5.Bead 6.Ornaments 7.Needle and thread 8.Glue



Step 1
1. First cut two pieces of fabric circles with diameter 25 cm and place two CDs in between the two fabric circles and sew the edge.

2. Now divide the extra fabric into eight equal parts and sew from the middle outwards and stuff the cotton fillings inside.

3. Use thicker thread to sew the edges, while you are sewing, gently tighten the thread and pull up the edges.

4. After you are done with sewing and pulling up all the edges, take a fabric scrap, about 2 cm wide and 30 cm long, to use as the edging of the storage basket.

5. Now let’s make the cover of the storage basket. Cut a piece of fabric circle with diameter 12 cm.

6. Place a CD on the fabric circle and sew the edge and pull the thread and tighten. Sew the lace around the edge of the cover and a large bead on the cover.

7. Finally, the decorative storage basket is ready.

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