Tiger with Clay


1.Orange color clay 2.Black Color clay 3.Yellow color clay 4.Tooth pick



Step 1
1. First, take a big piece of orange clay roll it into a ball and then shape it into a rectangular prism. Round the edges to help it look like a tiger's body.
2. Then Roll a smaller piece of orange clay into a ball for the head and stick it at the end of the body with the help of a toothpick.
3. Now roll two small yellow balls of clay and add them to the bottom of the head and poke small holes in them. Then take another ball of yellow clay, and them under the two muzzles, in the middle of a mouth.
4. Roll two small orange pieces of clay into two balls for the ears. Flatten them, but keep them a little thick. Stick them on top of the head, one on the left, and one on the right.
5. Take two small balls of black clay and make eyes out of them and stick them on the top.
6. Add a nose using pink or black clay. Shape a ball of clay into a triangle and stick it in the high middle of the snout then make arms by rolling two cylinders of orange clay and stick them on the front sides of the body.
7. Make legs by rolling two cylinders of orange clay. Bend the ends to create paws. Stick the legs to the back sides of the body.
8. Make a tail by rolling a cylinder of orange clay into a thinner cylinder. Roll a black oval of clay and stick it at the end of the orange strip.
9. Make lots of strips of black clay. Stick them everywhere for stripes.
10. Finally, the tiger is ready.

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