Tissue Paper Flowers


1.Tissue papers in different colors 2.Twine 3.Scissors 4.Color tape



Step 1
1. Start by cutting your tissue paper to the desired size. The width of the paper should be at least half the size of the length for unfolding. Use multiple sheets of paper for more flowers.

2. Accordion fold the paper in large or small folds until you reach the end of the paper. The larger your fold the petals the flower size will be less.

3. Once you are finished with folding the accordion fold, tie a piece of twine, in the center of the flower, Tie towards the back.

4. Create the petals by rounding out the two ends of the fold with a pair of scissors. Use heavy duty scissors if you are cutting multiple pieces at one time.

5. Pull the folds apart and start to pull each layer of fold out. Pull the outermost folds towards the center and carefully bring each layer out from there.

6. First Pull one fold from one side and then alternate to the other side and continue one until you have reached the last fold. Keep the last fold flat so that it will fit on a surface.

7. Once you are finished carefully pulling out the petals you can use color tapes to attach the flower to the wall for a display. Add green tissue paper cut out in a leaf shape. Repeat the steps above for more flowers in various sizes and textures.

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