Wall Hanger


1. Glossy Paper 2. Colored Paper 3. Glue 4. Pencil 5. Scissors 6. Ruler 7. Thermocol balls 8. Craft wire 9. Glitter 10. Cardboard 11. Cutter



Step 1
1. First, take a cardboard of 25 cm in diameter and cut out a small circle measuring 12 cm in diameter, from the center of the circle. This will give you a concentric circle to make the base of the wall hanger.

2. Now fold a green color A4 size sheet into half breadth wise that is 21 cm in breadth. Make 3 markings at a distance of 7 cm each and divide the paper into 3 equal sections breadth wise, by drawing lines with a scale and a pencil.

3. Then cut the 3 sections into long strips and then re-cut them into 6 equal strips. Repeat the above steps to get 6 equal sized papers of the glossy paper also.

4. Now hold the paper from one corner and roll it into a sharp and pointed cone, close and seal the cone by pasting the open fold and secure the cone. Make a total of 42 such cones using the Green Coloured Paper and the Glossy paper.

5. Take another Orange colored sheet and place the Cardboard cutout on top of it to draw the exact size of the circle. Cut out the exact measured orange paper. And cut the small circle in the centre with the help of a cutter to give a finished look.

6. Now paste the Orange cut out paper to cover the cardboard, with the help of glue. Cover the remaining portion of the cardboard as needed.

7. It’s time to start pasting the cones. First, place the cones and understand the placement of the cones in alternating cones. Once finalized, go ahead and begin pasting the cones in alternating colors, on the orange circular cardboard.

8. Continue pasting the cones in alternating colors until you reach the end of the Cardboard. In the end, take some thermocol balls in white color and paste them on the edge of the inside circle, at the base of the cones.

9. Place a drop of golden glitter on the thermocol balls, to give them a decorative look. Lastly, take a silver glitter tube and make a dotted pattern on the cones to add some sparkle. Take a long craft wire and hang this on the wall with the help of this wire.

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