Zipper Flowers


1.Metal zipper 2.Cotton thread 3.Scissors 4.Measuring tape 5.Glue 6.Button 7.Zipper tape



Step 1
1. First, cut off the end of the zipper. Then unzip and cut off the zipper pull, too. You’ll have two pieces of zipper tape, and can set one aside for another flower.

2. Trim and seal the ends of the zipper tape so they won’t fray.

3. Load your needle with thread and knot the end. On the zipper tape, form a loop. Make sure the zipper teeth are at the top and make the loop about 1 1/2 in tall. This can change if you use a longer or slightly smaller zipper.

4. Take a couple of small stitches, but don’t cut your thread.

5. Now, form a loop across from the first, and make a stitch. Make sure this loop is the same shape and size as the first loop.

6. Repeat with three more loops as shown in steps.

7. After finishing the final loop, trim any excess (be sure to seal the tape) and tie up your thread in the back.

8. Glue your button to the center with the glue.

9. To wear, glue a pin back to the back of the zipper flower.

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