color Paper Flower


1.Glue stick 2.Buttons 3.8 Cupcake liners (for 1 flower) 4.Pipe cleaners 5.Scissors



Step 1
1. Each flower will use eight cupcake liners of any size and any color. You could even mix up the colors for a really unique flower.

2. Fold each of the liners in half and then fold the liner in half again.

3. Finally, fold one of the halves back and then fold the other half back so it looks like a zigzag.

4. Take two liners and using a glue stick, glue the two points together. Hold tightly together for about 30 seconds, and then set aside. Glue two more together and hold tightly. Repeat this step until all of the liners are glued into pairs.

5. Glue two sets together at the points and hold for about 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side.

6. Make sure all the pieces create a full circle. And wait for few minutes while the glue dries completely.

7. Turn the flower over and glue a button to the centre of the flower.

8. Use a glue stick to secure a pipe cleaner or stick to the back of the flower.

9. Repeat the same process to create a bouquet with the different colors.

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