Summer Appropriate Clothing

Roja Vadlamudi
Roja Vadlamudi

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As the summers have arrived, elders know how to dress up to the occasion and season, but toddlers and kids are supposed to be guided by parents to change over to the timely comfortable clothing as it affects their physical and Mental wellbeing. A survey states that person’s dressing is the reflection of their state of mind and shall decide the day for them, likewise, it is naturally understood that kids behavior would be influenced by what they wear and how comfortable they are! Roja in this article shares that, especially it becomes so tough when your kid is so picky about what they wear; it can turn average morning into a battle with the convincing tricks to take them through the transition...

  1. Every Person is an Individual irrelevant to the age, some may express and some may not but everyone has a comfort zone and choices even if it is kids! if they are addicted to some of their favorite dresses, they would be adamant and stubborn that they would wear the same pair of dresses again and again, in that case, as parents it is important to know ,why they like it so much rather than simply denying their wish by speaking to them more about it and if it is the comfort factor, then it is suggestible to buy similar picks and keep extra pairs of your kids choice dresses and make them comfortable and Happy which makes them Happy beings

  2. It is also unreasonable to decide the colors of what your kid has to wear, parents can always make some time to take their kids to select their own clothes after they choose the type and cloth that suits them. by giving them the choice of colors makes them happy and feel confident about their choice and looks they carry, makes parents job easily in the routine to get them dressed and also avoids ending up buying unused or barely used clothes

  3. Most of the time school uniforms are made in polyesters or any easy to maintain fabrics which may not be that skin friendly, in that case rather than sticking to the regular uniform, it is always advised to get the uniform stitched with the best cotton and keep them ready for the summers to make them season ready

  4. Rather than denying their choice, taking the clothes off from the wardrobe before they go to choose always remains as the best option because kids hardly focus on what is not seen until unless it is their favorite and if it is their favorite, we would go with point 1

  5. At times kids might like something which is too fancy or clumsy for parents, but knowing where to abandon their wishes and where to accommodate is the biggest deal for parents. This differs with self-experiences with respective kids and ultimately, you know your kid better than anyone else to Suggest and Decide, so Happy Summers all of you!


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As Eehibu we understand the importance of practicing the taught values, hence we conduct a lot of parental interactive events & feedback gathering activities to improvise our standards for even better outcomes and will ensure to keep the parents updated about the success achieved and the previous analytics. We regularly keep our valued parents posted about various child centric measures planned by Eenadu for mental and physical growth of children through expert planning and perfect implementation.

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Areas of Child Development
Five areas of child development
1.Physical Health, Well-Being, and Movement Skills
These activities are designed to help develop your child’s large and small muscle control, her coordination, and her overall physical fitness.

2.Social and Emotional Development
Activities in this area target your child’s ability to make and keep social relationships, both with adults and with other children. He will learn to recognize and express his own feelings more effectively. He will gain experience understanding and responding to the emotions of others.

3.Approaches to Learning
Children differ in how they approach new tasks, difficult problems, or challenges. These activities will spark your child’s curiosity,interest, and attention and the ability to stay on task. Research suggests strong links between positive approaches to learning and success in school

4.Thinking Abilities and General Knowledge
The suggestions in this area help your child figure out how the world works and how things are organized. Your child will experience “learning how to learn,” improving problem-solving ability and abstract thinking.

5.Communication, Language and Literacy
These activities will help your child learn to express himself and to understand what others say. Early reading and writing skills are also targeted.

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