First feeling when we hear a lie from them...



Every parent adores their kids and their words the most, but it would be difficult at that point to imagine that, one day just as they lose their baby teeth, they would also lie about any simple thing that they go wrong! Your kids’ entrance into the world of being an individual takes them through the white lies and untruths of other colors because of their preconceived notations might make you feel like you are failing at first and would quickly think of tips or remedies to be followed to avoid this...But RELAX! As doctors say, lying is very common and completely normal part of a child’s Development as far it is made understood to them about the negative effects of lying and its long-term disadvantages and by taking care of emotional tips to guide them for a better understanding says Bharath, who is always busy with his schedule but does take time particularly to understand his son more and more.

  1. The child lies when they Preconceive the consequences of their deeds and this can be avoided just by having a really great and open relationship with them. relationship with parent needs to give them the confidence that their mistakes shall be treated and guided well which lets kids share their deeds openly without hesitation

  2. According to child Psychologists, a kid starts experimenting with the truth as soon as the age of two. Even though lies at that age are devious and are without any motive but they would understand there is something like manipulation and tries with various forms of it

  3. It is also said that kids have a trouble distinguishing between fact and their imaginary fiction world that they wish it to be, and shall pair them up with their strong emotions along with their growing desire to control the situations as they like them to be ..and as they grow, they mature in manipulating the lies and then the lies also become purpose-driven which is a concern

  4. Doctors suggest it is very important to address the lies early and often even with the very youngest kids. Use every opportunity to understand what made them lie and explain why it is bad and teach them to face the consequences of their deeds than to manipulate their mistakes. Even if it becomes a long and boring conversation for them, make it interesting with stories and something of their choice to ultimately explain that honesty is important

  5. Never punish your kids for lying, rather make them understand with a friendly treatment and heal the situation. Never Punish them for their mistake when they are truthful also, as the punishment scares them in sharing the truth anymore, instead be their support system and become their confidence

  6. Most importantly, our kids are our reflection, they Imitate us in all manners, so for them to learn nothing but Honesty, it is important for us to be truthful to them in everything possible


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As Eehibu we understand the importance of practicing the taught values, hence we conduct a lot of parental interactive events & feedback gathering activities to improvise our standards for even better outcomes and will ensure to keep the parents updated about the success achieved and the previous analytics. We regularly keep our valued parents posted about various child centric measures planned by Eenadu for mental and physical growth of children through expert planning and perfect implementation.

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Areas of Child Development
Five areas of child development
1.Physical Health, Well-Being, and Movement Skills
These activities are designed to help develop your child’s large and small muscle control, her coordination, and her overall physical fitness.

2.Social and Emotional Development
Activities in this area target your child’s ability to make and keep social relationships, both with adults and with other children. He will learn to recognize and express his own feelings more effectively. He will gain experience understanding and responding to the emotions of others.

3.Approaches to Learning
Children differ in how they approach new tasks, difficult problems, or challenges. These activities will spark your child’s curiosity,interest, and attention and the ability to stay on task. Research suggests strong links between positive approaches to learning and success in school

4.Thinking Abilities and General Knowledge
The suggestions in this area help your child figure out how the world works and how things are organized. Your child will experience “learning how to learn,” improving problem-solving ability and abstract thinking.

5.Communication, Language and Literacy
These activities will help your child learn to express himself and to understand what others say. Early reading and writing skills are also targeted.

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