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Way Back in December 2016, the news was reported that Arkansas mother and very deep sleeper Bethany Howell was napping on her sofa when her six-year-old daughter, Ashlynd, came over and used her sleeping mom’s thumb to unlock the phone. Then she proceeded to go shopping on Amazon and bought herself 13 new Pokemon items. When Howell woke up and checked her email, she found 13 order confirmations waiting for her. At first, Howell thought she’d been hacked, but all the items were in her name and coming to her house. Howell thought maybe Ashlynd had done it by accident while playing on the phone and the six-year-old said: “No Mommy, I was shopping. But don’t worry–everything that I ordered is coming straight to the house.” Howell said she was only able to return four of the 13 items Ashlynd ordered, so they told the six-year-old that Santa had found out that Ashlynd had already picked out what she wanted for Christmas, and that was all she’d be getting.

Though the story showcases a Sweet girl being naughty, we cannot ignore the fact that Ashlynd got nine Pokémon toys for Christmas out of her choice as a demand without parents approval or permission, and presumably a very long talking-to about how using her mom’s phone to buy things without permission is basically the same thing as stealing $250 out of her mom’s purse. Not just Ashlynd, but many of us have faced this situation with our kids growing at some of the other points in time and we would have dealt with it... Today lets read what Vanaja thinks about this...

  1. It is not especially being moralistic for money, it is about the morals that make them do it .for young children anything that they wish is a treasure and importance for money grows, only when they see you exchanging it for things, if not it is a casual fancy note for them but not a concept of real money, so make them understand the morale behind why it should not be done

  2. Doctors say infarct that would be the time to teach kids how to save money for their expenses or wishes. saving habit, in turn, makes them understand the importance of not stealing anything from anyone as they would know how it feels to lose something that they have been gathering or collecting

  3. Most of the times by stealing, kids may be trying to take in a symbolic way, something that they have not been given or which they couldn’t openly ask for. It can also be probably love or approval that he wished for and fell short of..hence identify the gap and make sure that is met through constant interactions with as much as time could be spent

  4. Instead of Being Furious or upset and making him feel disgraced, of what has happened, make sure you would offer what he needs next time or would be able to make him understand why you couldn’t get him.

  5. Childhood is the best stage of imbibing values and the time to make them get rid of habits and that is the time where we can avoid them getting taglines like “thief”.


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