TV Fun for Kids in Holidays


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Whether it is summer or Holidays, may it be Climatic Conditions or the technology toll over the present generation, our kids are mostly attached to TV or Gadgets for Fun, games or their age-related interesting activities, Says Manasa. That may be good enough in creating awareness and educating sometimes or while engaging elder child while busy with the little one, however; it would be difficult if this attachment becomes addiction even after their school reopens or at the time when they got to be serious in their education. So, today let’s discuss this.

  1. SET UP A TIME: - It is not wise to be easy with them in the beginning and then becoming strict once when they are addicted .it is always better to notice what kids are watching and setting up a time for this. Never than late, if your kids are already Glued to entertainment, then it’s time to take control and give them a new lease on life that does not revolve around these boxes

  2. DISCUSS WITH KIDS: - arrogant or pampered, You know your Kids better so sit down and ask them what shows they like the most and why and try to know their choice and make sure you let them see those shows if they are good ones with a time limit set per day. if they like more shows which exceed the time then ask kids to choose which can be viewed at the time that you have set.

  3. FOLLOW BEFORE INSIST: - Kids follow parents in all aspects and when we watch TV and restrict kids from doing so, then it wouldn’t leave a right message. As parents, we also need to follow what we insist them to do and if we are watching tv then we need to do  **put sound in the minimum that it is not at all audible to them when they are studying as it shouldn’t divert their attention.


As parents, we all need a child's Excellency in academics as well as a Smart Personality, which made Eenadu Eehibu design,innovative grand programs to enhance primary life skills to establish them as strong individuals by building their confidence, ability to solve issues, training in public speaking, overcoming phobias, inculcating the need ofcreativity with effective memory techniques. Touring our events and website encourages their confidence in competing with Global standards.

As Eehibu we understand the importance of practicing the taught values, hence we conduct a lot of parental interactive events & feedback gathering activities to improvise our standards for even better outcomes and will ensure to keep the parents updated about the success achieved and the previous analytics. We regularly keep our valued parents posted about various child centric measures planned by Eenadu for mental and physical growth of children through expert planning and perfect implementation.

In this page, Eenadu Eehibu gives parents a feasibility to check the standards, select a program for you precious kid suitable for his personality and then pay through our secured payment system for paid programs, and know the venue details and get a print out of entry pass and a choice to pamper with a wide variety of Hibu range, have a great time, associated with us. Happy Registration!!

Areas of Child Development
Five areas of child development
1.Physical Health, Well-Being, and Movement Skills
These activities are designed to help develop your child’s large and small muscle control, her coordination, and her overall physical fitness.

2.Social and Emotional Development
Activities in this area target your child’s ability to make and keep social relationships, both with adults and with other children. He will learn to recognize and express his own feelings more effectively. He will gain experience understanding and responding to the emotions of others.

3.Approaches to Learning
Children differ in how they approach new tasks, difficult problems, or challenges. These activities will spark your child’s curiosity,interest, and attention and the ability to stay on task. Research suggests strong links between positive approaches to learning and success in school

4.Thinking Abilities and General Knowledge
The suggestions in this area help your child figure out how the world works and how things are organized. Your child will experience “learning how to learn,” improving problem-solving ability and abstract thinking.

5.Communication, Language and Literacy
These activities will help your child learn to express himself and to understand what others say. Early reading and writing skills are also targeted.

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